AU Student Aid Portal

Welcome to the Averett University Student Aid Portal. This portal has been created specifically to keep you updated on your financial aid status and to assist you through the financial aid process. By logging in, you are agreeing to access Averett Financial Aid information electronically. If you do not wish to receive electronic communications, you can contact the Office of Student Financial Services at and request communication through letter.

You can use the Student Aid Portal to:

  • View your financial aid awards
  • Accept or decline awards using the Accept Your Awards tab 
  • View Documents received and those still outstanding
  • View Messages pertinent to your financial aid award(s)
  • Check the status of your student loans for the current year
  • View your student loan history

Log In Instructions

First time Users: Use your Averett University Student ID (ex: P00012346) listed on your award letter.  Click First Time User to set up your account.  Contact our office if you misplaced your Student ID.  For federal privacy regulation reasons, Student IDs are reissued to the student ONLY.

Returning Users: If you have logged into the Student Aid Portal on a prior occasion you are a returning user.  If you have forgotten your password click "Forgot your Password" or contact Averett Central at 1-800-283-7388. 


Please Note:  To ensure system security, you may be prompted to change your Student Aid Portal password to conform to the mandatory password character requirements as stipulated below:

  • Upper and lower case
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters  !@#$%^&"()
  • Minimum of 9 characters

Recommended Internet Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11 (in a Windows 7 and 8.1 environment only)

  • Microsoft Edge (in a Windows 10 environment only)

  • Firefox┬« (the most recent version)

  • Google ChromeT (the most recent version)

  • Safari for Windows (the most recent version)

  • Safari for Macintosh (on a Macintosh).